Love. It’s simple isn’t it? You love your family and friends, and they love you back. You find partner whom you love and loves you too. And you don’t even have to try – it just happens. All true…. we already know well that its much, much more concentrated than that.

Love between people almost always has it’s complications, because people are complicated love can be tried and tested and stretched to its limits. Sometimes we love the wrong person. we can love too much or not even enough. we feel it but not know how to show it. We think love is enough when actually it isn’t. We can struggle to find it – or unsure if we’ve found it or not. and sometimes we think it’s still there, but we can feel it about to go a way and don’t know how to restore it to its full glory…..but what if you haven’t yet found love? Or may be you think you might have found it, but you are not sure. is this new partner really the one? How can you tell, and how should you act when you are deciding? You really want to get it right this time. You don’t want to do or say the wrong, or expect too much – or too little, So when you are looking for the perfect partner, or getting to know the latest possibility, how should you behave and what should you be looking out for? The rules for finding love will give you what you need to help you both recognize and keep mr or miss right when you find them.

Be yourself.

Get over it before you get on with it.

You wont be happy with a partner until you are happy on your own.

You will know them when you meet them.

Choose someone who makes you laugh.

Being less than a hundred percent attractive great filter.

Don’t keep making the same mistakes.

Certain people are off limits (you know who they are).

You cant change people, only God can.

Relationships are not about sex.

Get to know someone through all seasons before making any major decision.

Don”t stay with someone who doesn’t care.

If you cant trust them then you have got no relationship.

Be honest.

Don’t play games.

Don’t tar new partners with old bruises

Check if you both have the same shared goals.

You can make someone love you. Act right!


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